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Women's Health Network, Allergy Relief Now - Homeopathic Food Sensititvity Remedy spray - 1 Floz

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Highly recommended

Allergy Relief Now Food Sensitivity Remedy delivers the relief you’ve been craving. This exclusive homeopathic spray is easy to use — no pills to swallow — and convenient to take along so relief is always at hand. Homeopathy uses minute amounts of the very same substances that cause the reaction to help your body deal with a larger exposure and provide the relief you need. It’s a time-tested, natural practice used successfully throughout the world.

Directions For adults spray three times per day under tongue. Children age 12 and under spray one time per day under tongue.

Ingredients Active Ingredients: Acetaldehyde 12X, Argentum nitricum 3X, Arsenicum album 6X, Carbo vegetabilis 12X, Coumarinum 12X, Gallicum acidum 6X, Hydrangea arborescens 6X, Indolum 12X, Petroleum 6X, Rutin 12X, Torula Cervisiae 12X. Inactive Ingredients: Purified water, Alcohol USP 20%.

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