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WeiggtLoss Development inc - CLA Superior - 90 Softgels

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CLA SUPPLEMENT (conjugated linoleic acid) is made from naturally-derived 80% pure, Safflower Oil •DEMONSTRATED TO HELP burn fat, curb your appetite & accelerate weight loss naturally & safely •CLA PREVENTS your body from storing fat, promotes lean muscle mass & improved overall health •Comes in 1000 mg daily dose softgels - Made in USA in GMP certified lab for optimal quality •COMES with WEIGHT LOSS eBook & access to exclusive Weight Loss & Fat Burning Concierge program!

Time to lose weight? Time to get toned and slim? Our premium CLA supplement is naturally derived from Safflower (80%).

Numerous clinical studies have shown that it can prevent your body from storing fat, curb your appetite and promote lean muscle mass. There are no known harmful side effects from taking this natural supplement. It's sold in 1000 mg easy-to-swallow gel caps with a recommended dosage of 3 to 6 per day - take two at a time with food.  It comes with a complimentary weight loss eBook guide, and access to our exclusive Weight Loss & Fat Burning Concierge program where you can ask certified professional trainers and nutritionists your questions regarding weight loss, diet and exercise. Made in USA in a GMP certified facility.


As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 Weight Loss Developments' CLA softgels twice daily, together with meals. CLA taken together with a healthy diet and exercise is a highly effective way of losing weight, particularly in a long-term perspective. This acts like a triple helix effect: 1+1+1=5. In other words; CLA + a healthy diet + exercise = greater effect due to synergies. CLA is a weight loss supplement that you can, and should, use long term for the best results. In comparison to other weight loss supplements, it is perfect in this regard. CLA is a supplement you can use continuously to increasing effect, while the effects of many other fat burners fade after 3-6 weeks, meaning you need to take a break from them and start again later to be able to derive weight-loss effects. With Weight Loss Development's CLA no breaks are needed at all. You can continuously take your daily dosage to promote fat burning and muscle growth.


If you need to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle or maintain weight - CLA is the supplement for you. Regardless of your body composition, you will benefit from the effects of CLA. Overweight people use CLA to lose weight, burn fat and add muscle by increasing their metabolism. Normal or athletic body types use CLA to maintain bodyweight and prevent fat storage. How is that possible? CLA has been shown to aid the transport of fat into the mitochondria of cells, where it is burned as fuel. It also prevents thefat you consume in your diet from being stored, forcing it to be burned as fuel. This increase in the amount of fat being burned spares muscle from breaking down, which increases muscle growth and strength. And when your muscles are spared and/or grow - your metabolism rises. Increased metabolism further speeds up your weight loss and fat burning! This will also prevent you from regaining weight when you have succeeded with your weight loss. CLA is sourced from natural safflower oil. It is very important to obtain the right amount of CLA through diet. However, modern cattle raising techniques make this almost impossible. The ideal daily allowance of CLA is a minimum of 3 grams - this means you would have to consume more than 7 pounds of beef or 4 gallons of milk a day to achieve that level. This is why a CLA supplement is an essential complement to your diet.

Ingredients 1000mg purest Safflower Oil 80% CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - highest ratio Superior quality

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