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Two Leaves Tea Company - Paisley Brand Tea Organic Sencha Green

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High quality, Japanese style steamed tea creates a luminous green color with delicate sweetness and mild astringency.

Tasting tea steeped from whole leaf tea leaves is the closest most tea drinkers will come to experiencing tea the way it's sipped when plucked direct from the gardens. When drinking whole leaf tea, you'll notice a fuller, more complex flavor with a top note, middle note and finish - the kind of complexity you won't get from the "dust tea" that most tea drinkers are accustomed to.

This Japanese-style Paisley Organic Sencha Green brews up a greenish golden color in the cup. But when you’re done admiring its color, you’ll admire the flavor: bright, vegetal, perky, and long lasting. And then you’ll want another cup.

This Japanese-style Paisley Organic Sencha Green Organic green tea.

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