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Tiferet - Melissa Essential Oil - 1/5 oz

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Tiferet Quality Essential Oils MELISSA 5 ml Essential oils can be very effective in Massage, Bath and Inhalation treatments, and they can also be helpful when a drop or two is worn as a personal Perfume.

The essential oils are extracted from the botanical material using various extraction methods to fit the material extracted via and are highly scented liquids.

The use of essential oils have a long background and many prominent healers ever sold have made use, and also believed in, the recovery power of these extracts.

Essential oils differ from other oils (fixed oils such as olive oil) as they are volatile and evaporate when left open, and have particular therapeutic properties which can be utilized Melissa Essential Oil – 1/5 oz,(Tiferet) to promote health as well as well-being.

Instructions: Use as usual. Warning! Concentrated. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Be aware of skin irritants.

Melissa officinalis Part of plant used: Whole Herb Region of Origin: France

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