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The Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Meal - 1200 g powder

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Ultimate Life The Ultimate Meal is the finest, most potent and complete source of nourishment available anywhere at any price. 

Ultimate Life believe that the optimum source of nourishment for the human body does NOT come in the form of synthetic vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, tablets, powders, pills, or for that matter, cooked or processed foods or any animal products. It DOES, however, come in the form of raw, properly sprouted, freeze-dried, cold-milled and preferably organic plant foods that have their enzymes and nutrients intact as nature intended, as well as natural, potent anti-oxidants in optimum, not trace amounts. 

The Ultimate Meal™ are the only products to fill this need. No gimmicks, just the ingredients which are the ultimate FOOD sources of each and every nutrient essential for optimum health, vitality and energy. In most cases this eliminates the need to take any supplements (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc.) which normally pays for itself. 

The Ultimate Meal™ and Mealbar™ are totally free of yeast-based vitamins and minerals, soy protein, MSG, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, eggs, dairy products, sugar, honey, fructose, caffeine, ginseng, etc. as well as artificial preservatives, flavors, coloring, fillers and animal products. 

At least TWO servings daily. The Ultimate Meal™ is the most efficient and nutritious meal you can have. Ideal for BREAKFAST, LUNCH and/or DINNER. It also does wonders AFTER EXERCISING, as it revitalizes the whole body. And yes, most people tell us that it keeps their hunger satisfied and their body energized far longer than conventional meals (about 3-6 hrs).

The Ultimate Meal - Nothing Even Comes Close

  • Taste Great
  • Vegan & Kosher
  • Optimum Fiber
  • Satisfies Hunger
  • Potent Anti-Oxidant
  • Potent Fatty Acids
  • Replenishes Glycogen
  • GMO - Free
  • Gluten - Free
  • Unsweetened
  • No Soy Protein
  • No Whey or Nuts
  • No Yeast or Salt
  • No Dairy or Egg
  • No Cholesterol

Direction of Use

At least 2 scoops every day. Unlike "liquid meals" or imitations, The Ultimate Meal will keep your hunger satisfied for 3-6 hours! Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch &/or Dinner.  Also ideal 2 hours before or 15 minutes after exercising.

The Ultimate Meal with Apple, Banana, & Blueberry

  • 8-10 oz. purified water (optional: 2 purified ice cubes)

  • 1 large oranic banana (or equivalent - no over ripe)

  • 1/2 organic sweet apple (Fuji)... NO JUICE

  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup organic frozen blueberries

  • If taken only ONCE daily: add 2 scoops of The Ultimate Meal (2 scoops = 2/3 cup = 80 g = 140cc)

  • If taken Twice daily: Add 1 scoop = 1/3 cup = 40 g

  • Blend together

  • Chew each mouthful & drink within 15 minutes

Ultimate Life - The Ultimate Meal 30 Servings (1200 g) - 42.3 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1/3 Cup (40 g)
Servings Per Container: 30
 Amount Per Serving
Vitamin B1215mcg
Folic Acid125mcg
Omega 3960mg
Omega 6435mg
Organic Spirulina by Parry (India)2000mg
Vitamin D2 (India)2000IU
Lecithin (De-Oiled) (USA)1500mg
Organic Sprouted Broccoli by The Ultimate Life (USA)500mg
Quali-C (The Only Vitamin C on Earth not from China) (UK)500mg
Horsetail Herb (Wild-Harvested, Fresh Freeze-Dried) (USA)400mg
Vitamin E (Natural Succinate) (USA)300IU
Calcium (Malate & Citrate) (USA)250mg
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 50% (USA)200mg
Magnesium (Citrate) (USA)125mg
Nettles (Wild-Harvested & Fresh Freeze-Dried) (USA)100mg
Co-Enzyme Q10 by Kaneka (USA)20mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24-6% by Opti-Pure (Japan)20mg
Grape Seed Extract - Activin (USA)20mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 95% (India)20mg
Green Tea Extract (Caffeine-Free) (India)20mg
Milk Thistle Extract 80% - Emed-MT (Spain)20mg
Stevioside (Stevia Extract) by Stevita (Brazil)20mg
Piperine (Black Pepper Extract) - Bioperine (India)5mg
L-OptiZinc (Natural Zinc Monomethionine) (USA)5mg
ChromeMate (Chromium Polynicotinate) (USA)100mcg
Selenium (Natural Yeast-Free Selenocysteine) (India)100mcg
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Brown Rice Protein 50% Concentrate by California Natural (USA), Pea Protein Isolate 85% by Rochem (France), Organic Raw Golden Milled Flax Seed by AgMotion (Canada/USA), Organic Sprouted Yellow Peas by The Ultimate Life (USA), Organic Sprouted Amaranth by The Ultimate Life (Peru & USA), Organic Sprouted Millet by The Ultimate Life (Bolivia & USA).

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