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Suavva energizing happiness amazing caocao - 10 oz (Pack of 6)

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Suavva is a great tasting new smoothie drink made from the raw pulp of the fruit of the cacao(Ka-KOW) plant. For centuries, Cacao seeds have been the main ingredient of chocolate, but it is little known that the cacao pulp is the source of a delicious juice that is naturally sweet, GMO-free, refreshing and beneficial Using a patented process to extract the juice from the freshly picked fruit to maintain all the fruit’s goodness and healthy qualities such as very high amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Magnesium, Suavva is bursting with goodness. Antioxidants are so important in delaying the aging of cells while Magnesium helps lower the risk of heart disease, improves bone health and promotes and maintains healthy muscles and nervous system; and Vitamin D aids the immune system and for those that don’t get enough vitamin D rich sunlight. The natural theobromine lightens the spirit and energizes the soul. Suavva morning, noon, or night is here to help Energize Happiness

refreshing and taste that is only for cacao smoothies come from pure cacao pulp.

ingredients Cacao juice, water, cacao puree, agave nectar.

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