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In 2005, Theramedix™ was officially launched and represented by Enzyme Consultants in specific markets all in the US. The BioSET System was developed over a period of over 25 years of clinical experience. Visualizing the possible synergistic effect between the two companies, Theramedix and BioSET merged in 2012. This merger created The BioSET Group which includes TheramedixBioSET, The BioSET System, and The BioSET Wellness Centers.


TheramedixBioSET brings decades of due diligence and experience in the enzyme industry. Offering what we think are the best vegetarian professional strength enzyme formulations. We are honored and determined to provide allopathic, complementary and alternative practitioners with a proven, pure, and highly active line of enzymes.


Practitioners from various methods of training, from acupuncture, nutrition, nurse practitioners and integrative medical doctors to natural health care practitioners, massage therapists and naturopaths have all successfully utilized the BioSET System in their practices to help their clients achieve an optimal level of health.

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