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Panaxea International, AVAT - 60 capsules

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Highly recommended


60 x 500mg Capsules


antiVIRII as its name suggests has powerful anti-viral and anti-tumoral properties. The product is widely used in many countries as a most effective product for viral and bacterial infections.*

antiVIRII contains extracts from 3 of the world's best antivirals; Andrographis paniculata, Taraxacum mongolicum and Lonicera japonica. These are traditionally used to 'clear heat and eliminate toxins' and recent studies indicate their effectiveness in SARS and H5N1 Avian Flu as well as highly researched studies on their anti-tumoral and anti-malignancy properties.*

Support Immune System, Anti-viral, Eliminate toxins, Anti-bacterial, Anti-tumoral, Anti-malignancy, Reduces viral loa, Help viral and bacterial infections,



Reduces viral load*




Andographis (Chuan Xin Lian)


 1. Puri A, Saxena R, Saxena RP, Saxena KC, Srivastava V, Tandon JS. (2009).  Immunostimulant agents from Andrographis paniculata. Planta Medica Journal, 75(4).


Dandelion (Pu Gong Yin)



1. Kimura, Y., Okuda, H., Okuda, T., et al. (1987). Journal of Natural Produce, 50: 392-399


Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Hua)


1. Kimura, Y., Okuda, H., Okuda, T., et al. (1987). Journal of Natural Produce, 50: 392-399

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Panaxea protocol

As andrographis is metabolised by the liver, long term use needs monitoring as it may temporarily increase liver enzymes. The amount in antiVIRII of andrographolide is low but a general blood panel, including red and white cell count, inflammatory markers and liver enzymes should be done every sixty days. A short break using Resist will reduce liver enzymes if elevated. The liver enzymes are normal after seven to ten days.

Daniel Weber DSc, PhD

Andrographolide  Andrographolide is an anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing compound. Its anti-inflammatory properties are due to the stimulation of adrenocortical hormone release and ACTH secretion.(1)

 The immunomodulatory activity of HN-02, an extract containing a mixture of andrographolides (i.e., andrographolide [88 +/- 5 %] plus 14-deoxyandrographolide and 14-deoxy-11,12 didehydroandrographolide together [12 +/- 3 %]) in a pure powder form was evaluated at 1.0, 1.5, and 2.5 mg/kg on different in vivo and in vitro experimental models. In a delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) mouse model, potentiation of the DTH reaction was observed after treatment with cyclophosphamide (CYP) and HN-02 individually. However, CYP potentiation of the DTH reaction was reversed by HN-02 pretreatment.  Furthermore, HN-02  treatment elevated the depressed hemagglutination antibody (HA) titer and increased the number of plaque-forming cells (PFCs) in the spleen cells of mice that had been treated with CYP and challenged with sheep red blood cells (SRBC). Furthermore, it was also found that HN-02  treatment stimulated phagocytosis in mice. A significant increase in total WBC count and relative weight of spleen and thymus was observed in mice during 30 days of treatment with HN-02. The present experimental findings demonstrate that HN-02  has the ability to enhance immune function, possibly through modulation of immune responses altered during antigen interaction, and to reverse the immunosuppression induced by CYP.(2) 

EtOH extract and purified diterpeneandrographolides of Andrographis paniculata (Acanthaceae) induced significantstimulation of antibody and delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) response tosheep red blood cells (SRBC) in mice. The plant preparations also stimulatednon-specific immune response of the animals measured in terms of macrophagemigration index (MMI) phagocytosis of 14C-leucine labelled Escherichia coli andproliferation of splenic lymphocytes. The stimulation of both antigen specificand non-specific immune response was, however, of lower order withandrographolide than with the EtOH extract, suggesting thereby thatsubstance(s) other than andrographolide present in the extract may also be contributing towards immunostimulation. (3-4) 


Andrographolide (Andro), the main active componentof the herb Andrographis paniculata, has been used for many years to treat avariety of diseases including bacterial and viral infections. Andro is reportedto act by inhibiting the bacterial quorum sensing system. We have synthesizedseveral Andro analogues and investigated their antibacterial activity andmechanism of action.  The newcompounds were found to be much more potent than the parent Andro in inhibitingbacterial growth and the quorum sensing system. Compounds 5 and 7 significantlyreduced virulence factor production. Compound 7 completely inhibitedPseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) biofilm formation, and exhibitedsynergistic activity with conventional antibiotics. These findings suggest thatcompound 7 may be the basis for future drug development to combat the unmetneeds of virulence factor production, biofilm formation and antibioticresistance (5) 

Andrographolide - the major active principleisolated from the plant Andrographis Paniculata, has been shown to possess a stronganti-inflammatory property. The possibility that the drug may affect asthmaticinflammation, through inhibition of the relevant inflammatory cytokines, hasnot been explored. The purpose of this study was, firstly, to investigate theability of andrographolide to inhibit the release of inflammatory cytokines invitro in a model of non-specific inflammation and subsequently to determinewhether such effect can also be exerted in vivo in allergic lung inflammation.LPS-induced TNF-alpha and GM-CSF release from mouse peritoneal macrophages wasinhibited by andrographolide in a concentration-dependent manner. Theconcentration of the drug producing 50% inhibition was 0.6 microM for TNF-alphaand 3.3 microM for GM-CSF. The maximal inhibition achieved (at 50 microM) was77% and 94%, respectively, for the two cytokines. The drug was as efficaciousas dexamethasone, but about 8-12 times less potent. The drug also suppressedLPS-induced expression of mRNA for the two cytokines, suggesting that thiseffect may contribute to the mechanism underlying its anti-inflammatoryeffects. In the in vivo study, intra-peritoneal treatment ofovalbumin-immunized and nasally-challenged mice with andrographolidesignificantly inhibited the elevation of bronchoalveolar fluid (BAF) levels ofTNF-alpha and GM-CSF in a dose-dependent manner, with 30 mg/kg producing aninhibition of 92% and 65% of the cytokines, respectively) and almost completelyabolishing the accumulation of lymphocytes and eosinophils. These resultsprovide evidence that andrographolide is an effective anti-inflammatory drugthat is active in vitro and in vivo, and affects both non-specific as we

Suggested Use: 2-3 capsules 2-3 times daily.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 capsules

Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Andrographis aboveground parts
(contains andrographolide) (Chuan Xin Lian)
150 mg
Dandelion (whole plant) (Pu Gong Ying)
(contains taraxasterol)
600 mg
Honeysuckle (flower bud)
(contains chlorogenic acid) (Jin Yin Hua)
600 mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (hypromellose); Vegetable Stearic Acid; Microcrystalline Cellulose and Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

Key Ingredients Andographis (Chuan Xin Lian)

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