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Natural Healing House Sunflower Seeds raw (hulled) - 16 oz

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Organic Sunflower Seeds Natural Healing House Natural Healing House Selection of certified organic sunflower seeds are perfect for spouting or simply ready for you to add to salads, roast them a little for soups, add them to your favorite breakfast meal. Our organic sunflower seeds have no shell, have a mild nutty flavor, and are always fresh. Sunflower seeds are know for their high content of Vitamin E and Vitamin B-6, which makes sunflower seeds an excellent support for the skin and fuels you with energy - The Way of Nature. We add sunflower seeds to many of our healthy recipes, we especially love them on our raw Mexican Flax Crackers!

Delicious Organic Raw 100% natural They are an excellent source of energy and fiber and taste great

Ingredients 100% Organic, 100 % Raw Certified Organic Sunflower Seeds

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