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My Diet Chef Weight Loss Tea Organic Herbal Tea Specially Blend - 5 oz

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Weight Loss Tea by Chef Jeff. Finally...famous Chef who has cooked for many celebrities across the globe has released his special slimming tea.

Chef Jeff has taken all that he has learned through the years and has come up with a simple and effective way to help you reach your health goals. He paid attention to the secrets that have worked as he cooked for Dr. Oz in Turkey, Sylvester Stallone in Italy, Catherine Zeta Jonesin the South of France, and many, many others.

The secret to Pure Health Slimming Tea is in the natural power of the herbs. They gently decrease your appetite and detox your body so you eat less and feel less bloated. This is a natural and organic herbal blend that is gentle and absolutely fine to use on a daily basis to also help with your sweet cravings since it's naturally sweet, or just for the amazing taste. Chef Jeff is a world class chef so the taste of the tea had to be of the highest quality as well. Many people buy Pure Health Slimming Tea just for the taste and enjoy the health properties as a side benefit.

Please browse all of the 5-star reviews below. We are extremely passionate in making sure that you have a positive experience with Pure Health Slimming Tea and will be here to support you.

Fits perfectly in your busy schedule. Simply drink 15 minutes before meals or whenever you are hungry. Blended to naturally curb your appetite so you eat less.

  • Some weight loss teas have you running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Not this tea, it's not harsh like your typical diet tea. It was blended to naturally curb your appetite (that's it)... this is NOT a diuretic tea.
  • Are sugar Cravings sabotaging your efforts? Pure Health Tea is naturally sweet to help with sugar cravings. The sweetness comes from the herbs, there is no sugar added. Perfect to drink at night since it's caffeine free. Also Blended for taste by Chef Jeff to be the best tasting tea that you have ever tasted. It's a great all-natural sweet tea alternative.
  • Are you ready to make a change? There's no exercise required. Simply by drinking the herbal tea you will be naturally cleansing your body and reducing your stomach fat because you will be eating less. Plus it's all-natural so it won't make you hyper.
  • When you order today you are protected by a 90 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

Pure Health Slimming Tea is a loose tea that lets you steep according to your tastes. Steep 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon of tea in 8 ounces boiling water for 3-5 minutes. May also be enjoyed as an iced tea. approx. 45 servings/bag.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. The sweetness comes from the herbs, there is no sugar added. Perfect to drink at night since it's caffeine free

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