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MuscleTech Platinum ISO Zero, The Purest Whey Protein Isolate Available, Vanilla - 3.04 lbs (1.38kg)

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PLATINUM ISO-ZERO is the purest whey protein isolate formula ever from MuscleTech®. Powered by only 97% pure whey protein isolate, PLATINUM ISO-ZERO delivers an ultra-premium, ultra-clean formula that has zero fat, carbohydrates, sugar, or lactose. PLATINUM ISO-ZERO mixes quickly and easily with a spoon, and can be taken on its own or added to another drink.

MuscleTech Platinum 100% Iso-Zero

Mixability: 10/10 -- Most of the time you will not even notice this due to the fact that due to it being unflavored you will want to put into smoothies, cereal, etc which there is no way u will see big clumps due to how fine the protein powder is. Taste:10/10 -- Again tastes like nothing which is exactly what is advertised. This is perfect for baking and putting in smoothies or cereals without altering original taste. Value:9/10 -- Here I had to knock off a little bit, even though if you think about it, it is a premium blend with a specific goal in mind so should cost a little more. Macros 10/10 -- From the label it all looks on point and nothing to real complain on.

Great quality protein

I'm no scientist and I haven't done any "tests" other than trying this myself, but I can tell this is an excellent quality protein. And it mixes very well in water like good quality whey is supposed to. The unflavored tastes like straight up whey as you would expect, whey doesn't really have much flavor to it so it's like a really watered down milk taste, but it isn't bad at all, about like drinking water is the best way for me to put it. The Vanilla flavor tastes like real natural vanilla is supposed to taste, which is a really light but good taste. I would recommend this to anyone who is lactose intolerant and/or those who prefer zero fat/low carb protein.

Awesome add-in for extra fuel anywhere

Great protein for a variety of uses; unflavored is a bit unusual on its own (duh) but I love it mixed into shakes or smoothies (rumor has it I will, on occasion, drop some into oatmeal; I know, madman right here). Mixes splendidly (the only reason I tried it with just water was to ascertain mix-ability), disappears amid other flavors, digests without problems. Bottom line, great for those of us looking for a high quality mix-in that doesn't taste like sawdust and fake chocolate.

Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 6 to 8 oz. of cold water or your favorite post-workout drink in a glass or shaker cup. Or if you prefer, mix 2 servings (2 scoops) with 12 to 16 oz. of cold water. Use between major meals, or before and after exercise. PLATINUM ISO-ZERO can also be added to your favorite recipes for a boost of protein. Read the entire label before use and follow the directions provided.

PLATINUM ISO-ZERO uses only 97% pure whey protein isolate. Other products use a 90% whey protein isolate or a whey protein concentrated.

The platinum 100% Iso-Whey Advantage

Biological Value of Proteins Used in Platinum 100% Iso-Whey

The whey protein isolates in Platinum 100% Iso-Whey provide your body with the highest biological value (BV) protein fractions. BV is a measure of how much of the protein’s compounds your body holds on to – a higher BV indicates a protein source with more musclebuilding power.

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