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Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters, Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Shade Grown Peru, Medium Roast - 12 oz (340 g)

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Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters was created out of a passion for ultra-specialty coffee. In addition to our passion for coffee we also have a passion to help others. All profits, after expenses, are donated to feed, educate, and clothe those in need in Africa. Many of our Mt. Whitney coffees are Shade Grown and Certified Organic.

A Shade Grown coffee has better flavor because the growing time is slowed down by the shade. This gives the coffee time to develop complex flavors and sugars. Shade coffee farming (as opposed to clear cutting for full sun) creates healthy soil content, protects the environment, helps combat global warming, and creates a better quality coffee. It just makes sense.

Professional Cupping Notes: Sweet, dark chocolate, clean, floral, nice finish, lightly acidic, smooth body. Washed process, Grown at 1500 Meters, Graded at 85, Region - Peru. Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters is proud to offer USDA Certified Organic Coffee. We are committed to building quality relationships with all who are involved in the process-from the coffee farmers to our valued customers.

  • Our Organic Shade Grown Peru is a single origin coffee, comprised of a single crop. Single origin coffees accentuate certain flavor attributes specific to that region, and are of superior taste and quality.
  • Our coffee is small-batch artesian roasted with 100% Arabica coffee, and is cupped by a skilled team of coffee tasters-supervised by a Certified Q Grader.
  • Taste and See
  • Small Batch - Artisan Roasted

The best coffees in the world are a joy to the mind and soul. Brew a wonderful cup, sit down, and take a sip.

Delicious Flavors · Sweet, dark chocolate, clean, floral, lightly acidic, smooth

Other Ingredients

100% High Grown Arabica Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

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