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Healthworks Raw Certified Organic Cacao Powder -1 Lbs

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Feel good about eating chocolate! Healthworks USDA Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder is a superfood that is completely guilt-free! The nutrient density of raw cacao benefits every function of the body and instantly transforms recipes into the healthiest chocolate treat.

  • Many ways to enjoy- try our Cacao Powder in smoothies
  • granola bars
  • baked goods (like brownies and fudge)
  • sprinkled on fruit
  • or in desserts (like pudding and ice cream)!
  • A nutrient dense energy boost- Cacao powder is full of beneficial compounds and provides a great source of magnesium
  • calcium
  • zinc
  • iron
  • copper and potassium. It is also one of the richest natural food sources of antioxidant flavonols.
  • We source our Cacao Powder from small
  • organic farms in Peru
  • where the cacao beans are hand harvested
  • cold pressed
  • and carefully milled into fine powder.
  • Healthworks 100% Satisfaction Promise: Get a full refund or replacement within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.

Satisfy chocolate cravings and focus on a healthy diet with our Healthworks Cacao Powder. Our Cacao is 100% pure, raw, organic, and tasty too! Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, cacao powder has an earthier, bitter-toned taste, think dark chocolate. .. but healthier.    

        We source our Cacao Powder from small, organic farms in Peru, where the cacao beans are hand harvested, cold pressed, and carefully milled into fine powder. This process retains the cacao's authentic, rich flavor and high nutritional value.    

        100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We love our Cacao Powder and stand behind them; Receive a full refund or replacement within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied.    

        Healthworks grew out of our realization that a healthy diet really does matter. Over the last 15 years we’ve gradually changed our diets to focus more and more on raw and nutrient dense superfoods. But we found, like everyone else, that the products available to support this healthy lifestyle are often times exorbitantly expensive. We created Healthworks to bring great products to health conscious people at affordable prices. All of our superfoods are routinely tested for quality and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We sincerely hope our products aid in your journey to greater health, energy, and vitality, just as they have for us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. • Cacao also contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, green tea and blueberries Combine blended coconut milk, water, and chia seeds in a jar and shake well •Add cacao powder, stevia, and salt and shake well •Refrigerate overnight to let chia seeds soften and absorb liquid •Serve •**For this recipe, it is important to blend the coconut milk prior to combining it with the other ingredients. This way you will have a smooth and creamy pudding, rather than one with little lumps of coconut milk in it.

Healthworks brings to you Certified USDA Organic raw cacao. Cacao is increasingly being consumed for its nutritive and health enhancing properties. This cacao is grown using sustainable practices. This premium cacao is the best for consuming chocolate in its raw, natural state. The cacao is processed to maximize nutrient preservation. All this adds up to a rich tasting cacao with a pleasant aroma. A truly wonderfully delicious and nutritious food!

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