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Eco Vita - Ten-Chi Cha Dokudami Cha Tea - 16 Ounces

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Ten-Chi Cha is our all-natural tea product containing a blend of 12 premium Asian ingredients, highlighted by the herb dokudami. The ratio of each ingredient is specially formulated and combined to create a delicious, non-caffeinated herbal tea with remarkable health benefits. Doku-dami, which literally means doku, or poison, and dami, or blocking, is one of the most well-known herbs, long celebrated for its medicinal properties.

Dokudami and other herbs used in Tenchicha have traditionally been used to aid in lowering blood pressure, hemorrhaging, indigestion, asthmatic or allergic reactions, and as a natural detoxifier, diuretic, poultice and anti-inflammatory agent, among a myriad of other uses. It is also one of only a handful of herbs to be listed under the prestigious Japanese Pharmacopoeia. Dokudami is usually known to be bitter, but Tenchicha employs a specially designed roasting technique, in which each herb is carefully roasted one by one.

This process eliminates any distinctive smell and enhances the tastes, and we use oxygenated water to create a pure, delicious taste. Tenchicha tastes great hot or cold, and goes well with any food or snack. Tenchicha is a delicious and easy way to detox and purify your body on a daily basis. *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Authentic Japanese Herbal Detox Tea

  • Great way to be healthy and lose weight!*
  • Completely free of caffeine and sugar, 100% Natural and preservative/additive free.
  • Made with 12 Asian detoxifying herbs
  • Strengthen your immune system and remove toxins on a daily basis*

Directions : Tea brewing method


1. Rinse the tea herbs with cold running water then soak it for 15 or 30minutes

2. Water : Herbs ( 2 or 3  liters : 20 or 30 grams )

3. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 30min - 2hr or more. ( Root : 1hr - 2hr / Loose leaves : 10min-30min )


20 or 30 grams can be boild for 2 or 3 litter of water. the leaves can be boild last more than 4 times.


Keep refridgerated and drink the tea hot or cold.  Enjoy!



Supplement Facts
Contain 3.7 ounces of tea
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Proprietary Herb Blend1.15 g 
Large-fruited adlay 
Nomame senna 
Chinese boxthorn 
Krantz aloe 
Hardy rubber tree 
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value not established.


Dokudami leaf, Hardy rubber tree seeds, Large fruited adlay seeds, Sicklepod leaf, Nomame senna leaf, Kumazasa leaf, Chinese boxthorn leaf, Mulberry leaf, Persimmon leaf, Licorice leaf, Shiso leaf, Soybean *CONTAINS SOY

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