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Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron, 23.2 oz (pack of 4)

  • $169.99
  • $149.99

Earth's Best is the first and only full line of organic baby food. We strive to provide better for baby products to ensure that babies can grow up healthy and strong, eating pure, wholesome foods. And throughout the years we've grown too. We now offer organic formulas, snacks, meals and even baby body products for your little one. By expanding the trusted Earth's Best brand beyond baby foods we hope all children will grow up with the freshest and purest products possible in a clean and safe world.

Healthy milk-based supplement or alternative to breast feeding

  • Contains DHA and ARA nutrients found in breast milk
  • Easy to make, just combine with water
  • USDA certified organic
  • No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives

Each 25.7 oz canister makes 194 fl oz (6 quarts) of formula

Protein (2.2 g), Fat (5.3 g), Carbohydrate (10.6 g), Water (134 g), Linoleic Acid (750 mg), Vitamin A (300 IU), Vitamin D (60 IU), Vitamin E (2 IU), Vitamin K (8 GU), Thiamine, Vitamin B1 (100 GU), Riboflavin (150 GU), Niacin (750 GU), Folic Acid (7.5 GU), Pantothenic Acid (315 GU), Biotin (2.3 GU), Vitamin C (9 mg), Choline (15 mg), Inositol (4.1 mg), Calcium (63 mg), Phosphorus (42 mg), Magnesium (7 mg), Iron (1.8 mg), Zinc (0.75 mg), Manganese (15 GU), Copper (71 GU), Iodine (9 GU), Selenium (2.1 GU)Sodium (23 mg), Potassium (84 mg), Chloride (56 mg) DHA & ARA for baby s brain and eye development.

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