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Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

  • $189.99
  • $129.99

Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM. Easy to understand speed dial features

  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Includes 30 Dremel accessories and 2 Dremel attachments
  • 360-degree grip zone for control in any position
  • Deluxe carrying case included

Restore your furniture or appliances by removing rust and polishing metals by using a grinding or sharpening accessory. For non-ferrous materials such as stone, glass, ceramics and porcelain, use Silicon Carbide Grinding Stones to tackle your projects. Provide clean finishes or prep surfaces by using a sanding accessory.

Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool

  • 2 Attachments
  • 30 Accessories
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Accessory Case

Variable Speed For maximum accessory versatility and precise tool control.

Accessory and Attachment Compatibility Can be used with all Dremel rotary tool accessories and attachments.

Circle Cutter/Straight Edge Guide and Sanding/Grinding Guide.    


        Carving/Engraving: 191 High Speed Cutter.    

        Cutting: 420 Cut-off Wheel (x2), 426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheel (x2), 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit.    

        Grinding/Sharpening: 541 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel, 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone, 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone.    

        Cleaning/Polishing: 428 Carbon Steel Brush, 414 Felt Polishing Wheel, 421 Polishing Compound, 429 Felt Polishing Wheel.    

        Sanding: 407 1/2" Sanding Drum, 408 1/2" 60-grit Sanding Band (x2), 432 1/2" 120-grit Sanding Band (x2), 445 1/2" 240-grit Sanding Band (x2), 411 3/4" 180-grit Sanding Disc (x3), 412 3/4" 220-grit Sanding Disc (x3), 413 3/4" 240-grit Sanding Disc (x2).    

        Miscellaneous: 401 Screw Mandrel, 402 Mandrel, Wrench.

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