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American Muscle Sports Nutrition - Nirvana Advanced Nootropic Powder by American Muscle - 45 Servings

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Not many of us appreciate the role of the brain in muscular co-ordination, control and thus strength and growth. The "mind-muscle connection" that requires a complete nutrition regime and American Muscle delivers Nirvana in order for you to maximise that connection.

This product is especially formulated to enhance your cognitive process and subsequently your performance. It's low in calories and high in vitamins designed to improve your mood, motor skills and cognitive abilities.

CDP Choline: It is an important nutrient that influences cognitive abilities and improves the blood circulation in the brain. 

L-theanine: Helps in rapid visual information processing, critical thinking, attention switching and improves mood.

Phosphatidylcholine: It is the fundamental component of the nerve membranes in the brain and is crucial for memory and performance. It helps in cell to cell communication hence important for the neuor-muscular co-ordination and quick reaction. 

Huperzine: Improves memory and cognitive performance, prevents age-related memory deficits. 


Cerebrovascular reserve technology:


Another salient feature of this product is its cerebrovascular reserve technology that works to protect brain and its blood vessels. This complex contains 635 mg (14.14 g in 100 gram) of acetyl- L-carnitine, bacopa monnieri extract, mucana pruriens, picamilon,pterostilbene in a scoop. 


Acetyl- L-carnitine: It is an important aminoacid that is necessary for awareness and improved focus. It protects the cells throughout the body and against age-related degeneration. It is known for improving mood, memory and cognition. 


Bacopa monnieri extract: This herb is a memory and concentration enhancer. 


Mucana pruriens: It is a plant that is high in the amino acid L-Dopa which helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It increases the body's ability to build lean muscle and break down fat by increasing the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).  It is also well known for its ability to  improve resiliency and coordination. 


Picamilon: It is a unique derivative that occurs by combining GABA with niacin. Because of its ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier it improves cognitive ability and mood

Directions Consume one to two scoop per day with 6 – 12 oz (about 180 - 350ml) of cold water.

Ingredient The great combination of the nutrients work to achieve an alpha-brain state and most importantly experience the mind-muscle connection.

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