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Absonutrix, Lavender Essential Oil - 4 oz

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Stress is a silent killer. This is a fact that most doctor in the world can uniformly agree on. To the common man or woman, the hassles of daily life along with a pile up of frustrations may not appear to be much of a health threat, but truth be told, the inside of the human body is always and constantly being damaged by stress. While small amounts of stress in one’s life can be less harmful and even act as a motivator, large amount of stress are unhealthy and can wear you down.

To help you cope with stress effectively, we have developed Absonutrix Lavender Oil X.Treme to help relieve many of the ailments produced by stress such as high blood pressure, aches & pains, and sleeping disorders.

What Can Lavender Oil X.Treme Do for the Body?


Lavender is famous for being used in aromatherapy and sauna treatments, as well as therapeutic massages due to its ability to soothe and calm the body. Its soft, lovely scent alone can provide a relaxing effect to the mind and body.


Lavender’s soothing and relaxing properties are attributed to helping insomniacs sleep and rest. As an example, in olden times, pillows were often filled with lavender flowers to help people sleep well and longer. Another notable example to show how Lavender can improve sleep is how that in Germany, lavender tea is a known and approved treatment method for insomnia and restlessness.

Stress buster:

To demonstrate the effects of Lavender and stress, a study was performed in Japan on Lavender aromatherapy. The results showed that people who were exposed to Lavender aromatherapy reported significantly less metal stress and better cognitive abilities. They also reported that they felt more focused and much more relaxed, and as a result, better performance was shown.

Blood pressure:

High blood pressure is a tremendous health hazard. High blood pressure can lead to weakening of the arteries, and especially of the body’s tiny capillaries. This means that people with constantly high blood pressure run the risk of popping a blood vessel at any time, which needless to say, can be fatal. Lavender Oil contains chemical compounds which can easily dilate or expand blood vessels, and this expansion results in the lowering of blood pressure.

Aches and Pains:

Lavender is also attributed to help in reducing pain. It can easily help reduce spasms as well, especially of the stomach and hence can be used for relieve from painful muscular spasms.


Lavender is famous for being used in aromatherapy and sauna treatments as well as therapeutic massages because of its ability to soothe and calm the body. Lavender has been employed for its calming and soothing effect by people in ancient Egypt, Rome and Persia. Its soft lovely scent alone can provide a relaxing effect to the mind and body.
Ingredients Lavender oil is credited with both relaxing the mind and reducing stress while also lowering the blood pressure. Not everyone however, has the time and the luxury to go and get a professional therapeutic massage. Lucky for them, Absonutrix has come up with an amazing lavender oil dietary supplement

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